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Alpaca farm and pasture.jpg

Over the years, many people have asked us how we got into raising alpacas.  With James’ medical background, Sarah’s manufacturing background and having raised a couple of dogs and horses over the years, how did we end up with a full –time business and 120 mouths to feed?

Years ago, we had been looking to get into our own business.  We were ready to work for ourselves and really become enthusiastic for our own company.  We researched restaurants and retail, ice cream shops and service industries.  Nothing really fit us.

Then, one day James was flipping through a Costco Connection Magazine and came across a couple who had retired, began raising alpacas and after 10 years still loved it.  James enthusiastically came to me with the article and I had four words for him.  “What’s an alpaca?  No!”

He went back to his office and on the MSN home page was an article from the Wall Street Journal about the financial benefits of raising alpacas.  This piqued his interest, but I still was not impressed.  I stated, "You did not go to school for 10 years to become a farmer." On the way home from work, we had decided to move on to other ideas.

Upon opening the mailbox, his sister had sent James a flyer with a note, "Wouldn't this be fun?"  The flyer was about how to start your own alpaca business. They had never discussed this topic before with each other.

Well, after having never heard the word alpaca before, and then being inundated with the idea throughout the day, I decided we had better at least check into it. We started making phone calls, visiting farms and researching how it would work for us.  The more we researched, the more excited we became.  

Six months later, we had purchased 8 alpacas.

Now, we care for over 120 alpacas, offer a variety of alpaca products and look forward to many more years of our alpaca lifestyle.


Farm Photo 1_edited.JPG

Our Turkish Anatolian livestock guard dogs are made to sleep, eat and live with the alpacas.  Cookie is 7 years old, where Griz is new on duty.  He is 4 years old, brought in from Los Angeles, California to help protect our herd.  He currently weighs in at 165+ lbs.  We have loved the Turkish Anatolians over the years, as they are affectionate, low-key and tolerant.  But, when there is any sign of an unwanted intruder, they are ready and able to keep the alpacas safe from harm. Anatolians are one of the few guard dogs that can take on a mountain lion in a fight and win.  Cookie has taken on 4 different mountain lions over the years and has won the fight each time.

Anatolian Guard Dog.JPG

Alpaca farm visits in all sizes are always welcome.


We proudly present our ARI registerd alpacas to any and all who want to know more.  Even if you're not yet in the alpaca business but are interested in an alpaca investment, or want to get started with your own alpaca farm, we love to talk about alpacas.  Give us a call!  We offer a variety of colors, bloodlines and ages of female and male alpacas for sale to create an ideal match for any alpaca farm. Each of our sires promotes unique, high quality features to help further your own herd.  We match them specifically with what each female alpaca offers to the next generation of alpacas.  Packages and discounts are available, as is free shipping and consulation, to help the purchase go as smoothly as possible.  Please feel free to phone (406-579-4055) or e-mail any questions or schedule a visit to Alpacas of Montana.


A warm July evening in Montana.