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Alpaca Compost, Potting Soil & Fertilizer

Alpaca Compost Manure Fertilizer.jpg

Pure, natural alpaca compost made from alpacas in Montana. 

Alpaca compost offers many benefits over artificial, man-made, commercial type fertilizers and has many positive effects when added to soil. The compost naturally contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and micro-nutrients. Organic matter in manure and compost support biological activity which makes soil healthier.  Soil structure is physically improved as well as retains moisture positively impacting the nutrient cycle in a soil ecosystem. 


Scientists have found that compost not only provides nutrients, but also increase organic matter, humic acids, beneficial bacteria, and fungi which are vital to all plants' health and growth. It makes a great amendment to potting soils and can inhibit plant diseases.


Unlike other composts, alpaca manure is one of the best organic fertilizers for vegetable and flower gardens, lawns and houseplants.  With a light, earthy smell, alpaca fertilizer is brimming with nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Chemical and organic fertilizers indicate their nutrient content with three bold numbers on the package. These numbers represent three different compounds: Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potash (Potassium), which is described with the letters N-P-K. The three numbers listed on fertilizer labels correspond to the percentage of these materials found in the fertilizer.  Nitrogen helps plant foliage to grow strong. Phosphorous helps roots and flowers grow and develop. Potassium (Potash) is important for overall plant health.


Our composted manure is offered in concentrate as well as a blend of alpaca compost mixed with organic soil for potting soil.  The alpaca concentrate bags are referred to as “alpaca tea”.  To make this liquid fertilizer, 1 cup of compost is capped in a 1-gallon container of water and soaked for 3 days.  Once the liquid is set, it is used to water the plants.


What is the difference between manure and compost?


Alpaca compost is manure that has been allowed to decompose and is stabilized as a fertilizer and soil amendment.  As organic matter decomposes, it naturally creates heat.   This is why using straight manure can burn plants when applied directly.  Once it is composted, the product is stabilized and can be applied directly to plants, shrubs and lawns. 


The alpaca compost fertilizer is then sampled and sent to a laboratory for content testing.  Gauging the quality of the finished product determines its nutrient value and maintains market standards with a consistent, high quality product.  We offer guaranteed analysis on all of our fertilizer.


Why is alpaca compost better than other livestock composts?


All camelids, including alpacas, have an efficient digestive process due to their 3 true stomachs. This means the manure contains significantly less organic matter than most other manures do.  The manure also tends to have a higher nutrition content than other livestock, including cow and horse manures. 

Livestock Manure Comparison


Nitrogen %

Phosphorus %

Potassium %

   Llama / Alpaca





























Montana does not have a sales tax - so your purchase is tax free!

100% All Natural Alpaca Compost Fertilizer

Alpaca Tea Label-300 dpi 22.jpg

100% concentrate alpaca compost from Montana. Guaranteed Quality Analysis and Seal of Approval, weed, herbicide, pesticide and chemical free. Compost can be mixed directly in soil or used as a liquid fertilizer called “alpaca tea”. Stir 1 cup of compost in 1 gallon of water and allow soaking for 24 hours. Once the liquid is set, water the plants to fertilize and help your plants thrive. Available in a balanced NPK for Seed Starter and Plant Maintenance. Ideal for Indoor, Outdoor and Hydroponics.

Seedling Starter Compost Tea
Plant Maintenance Compost Tea


Alpaca Compost Fertilizer Potting Soil

Potting Soil Label - Smoke 300 22.jpg

Certified weed free, chemical free soil mixed with the perfect balance of alpaca compost for ongoing fertilizer available for robust growth and budding. Quality Assurance guaranteed and with Seal of Approval of lab analysis. All Natural - Herbicide, pesticide, weed and chemical free.Ideal for Indoor, Outdoor and Hydroponics./font>

Plant Maintenance Compost Potting Soil

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