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Alpaca clothing, winter hat, alpaca socks, alpaca yarn, alpaca baby blanket, alpaca hat, alpaca scarf, boot sock, alpaca long underwear, alpaca diaper cover

Ball of alpaca yarn.png

Our Alpaca Products are Born, Shorn and Worn in the U.S.

Alpacas of Montana offers premium clothing for sale, including alpaca socks, hats, baby booties, saddle pads, scarves & alpaca yarn from our herd.  Many of our products are hand-knit in Bozeman, Montana, all natural, without dyes or chemicals.  Alpaca fiber is naturally hypoallergenic and offers high quality with extreme softness and warmth. It is warmer than sheep wool and more luxurious than cashmere. Alpaca clothing is strong, resilient and has more thermal capacity.  Alpacas are the most diversified colored livestock with over 22 natural colors, so our products can be dye and chemical free.

Most orders ship within 24 hours! 

Montana does not have a sales tax - so your purchase is tax free!

 Running Socks

 Warm Winter Hat

 Men & Women Clothing

 Felted Purses  


 Baby Blanket

 Alpaca Rugs  

 Saddle Blanket 

 Compost Fertilizer  

 Brimmed Hat   

 Alpaca Pillow 

 Knee High Socks

 Booties / Slippers

 Baby Boots  

 Fleece & Roving 


 Alpaca Hats   

 Helmet Liner



 Baby Booties 


 Alpaca Winter Socks   

 Dress Socks  

 Melange Brimmed Hat

 Teddy Bear  

 Bulky Style Hat  

 Kids Hats   

 Horse Saddle Pad   

 Therapeutic Alpaca Socks

 Felted Slippers 

 Alpaca Vest

 Warm Fishing Hat

 Gift Certificate

 Alpaca Pet Bed

 Hunting Hat  


Check Out Our Clearance Items

Hand Felted Alpaca Slippers

Want the ultimate in warmth around the house?  Our alpaca slippers are hand knitted then felted for amazing cushion and comfort on your feet.  Made from 100% Montana alpaca fiber, they are soft and warm, keeping your feet dry and comfortable all day or into the night (if you are lucky enough to wear them that long).  Enjoy all natural, hypo-allergenic alpaca.  We offer two styles of slippers:  Regular thickness at $68.00 and super thick with gripping soles for less slipping for $79.00.

See other photos of Felted Alpaca Slippers

felted slippers.JPG
Size & Style

Alpaca Bird Nesting Balls

alpaca bird nesting ball small 3.jpg

Looking for a unique, useful gift that will be enjoyed by everyone?  Our Alpaca Bird Nesting Balls are created from all natural, dye free alpaca fleece that birds love.  When lining their nests, not only will the eggs and chicks have a soft bed, but the alpaca fleece also helps regulate body temperature, keeping the eggs and babies safe from shifting temperatures - hot days to cool nights.  Hang on a tree branch and watch the birds pick and pull the fiber for their new homes. Balls are 4" in diameter. $13.00.

Excellent for bird lovers, office exchanges, birthday and holiday gifts.

Variegated Hand Spun Alpaca Yarn

New with Limited Quantities Available.  There is magic about handspun yarn from hand-dyed fiber. The way each color morphs and blends into the next in a beautiful rhythm of colors, scattering and recombining through plying. It’s for those who appreciate the fine, nuanced way that colors transform in the spinning process. Perfectly Imperfect. Created by hand, each skein is uniquely dyed and crafted. Fashioned with a combination of Alpaca, Superfine Merino, Bamboo, Silk and other fabulous materials, you will love the way the yarn feels and glows. Skeins are often large enough to create hats, mittens, scarves or other fabulous accessories. Mix and match colors for an amazing gift for yourself or someone else.

See larger photo of Alpaca Yarn

See additional Alpaca Yarn Options

alpaca hand spun yarn small 1.jpg

Alpaca Socks & Slippers - Men's & Women's

Cushy softness to be enjoyed whenever winter chills the toes. Wear outside in hiking, hunting, wading, or work boots. Alpaca's natural wicking ability will keep your feet warm AND dry. Heavy yarns and plush terry knit provide support and amazingly soft, cushioned feel. These alpaca socks are enjoyed by dog sledders, fly fisherman, hunters, skiers, snowboarders and all other outdoor activities. Users have reported toasty warm feet in temperatures as low as 20 below zero! They will extend the enjoyment of winter activities. Give as a gift or keep for yourself. 75% Alpaca, 23% Nylon, 2% Elastic. Bootie / Low Cut - $21.00.  Mid-Calf - $31.00.  Tall - $32.00. 

Available in women's and men's sizes. Kid's sizes available upon special request. We now offer two styles, including standard mid-calf length as well as a taller boot sock. 

Made in the USA with North American alpaca fiber.

See Additional Alpaca Sock Information

extreme warmth alpaca socks.JPG

Alpaca Compost Fertilizer

Unlike other composts, alpaca manure is one of the best organic fertilizers for vegetable and flower gardens, lawns and houseplants. With a rich, earthy scent, compost fertilizer is brimming with nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.  Our alpacas eat natural herbicide and pesticide free hay and feed, creating a high quality compost product.

See Additional Alpaca Compost Information

Natural Alpaca Compost.jpg
Seedling Starter Compost Tea
Plant Maintenance Compost Potting Soil

Alpaca Ruana Shawl / Cape

On Sale! Comfortable and elegant, ruanas are a versatile garment that can be worn many ways. The traditional way to wear a ruana is to throw both ends over your shoulders to form a double cowl neck. The shoulder can easily be secured with a brooch. Another elegant ruana look is formed by throwing one end over a shoulder and letting the other end hang loose. 100% baby alpaca. Made in Peru. Usually $138.00. On Sale for $89.00.

See larger alpaca ruana photo

ruanna cape alpaca small.jpg

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