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Alpaca Saddle Blanket, horse blanket, saddle blanket, alpaca blanket horses

Alpaca Saddle Blanket

Our saddle blankets are hand made from Alpacas of Montana alpacas, woven in Montana.  They are created from 100% alpaca and jute cotton cord.  Alpaca fiber is twice as strong as sheeps wool, so it will endure the harsh rigors of everyday riding.  The horse blankets will not mat or slip, will protect your horse with added cushion and give years of top quality performance.  Alpaca is softer than wool and more durable.  The fiber provides superior insulation and wicks moisture away from the body.  Available in sizes of Approximately 1/2" x 32" x 32" and 1/2" x 26" x 32".

Alpaca Saddle Blanket - medium.JPG

Saddle Pad Weave - 2.JPG