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Alpaca fiber, alpaca fleece, alpaca fleece for sale

Alpaca Fleece Natural Color Chart.JPG

Alpaca Fiber & Raw Fleece

100 % Pure Alpaca Fleece available for sale in a range of natural colors. Hand-spin, felt and /or weave beautiful, colorful alpaca products, garments and textiles. Alpaca wool also dyes easily, helping you create gorgeous yarns and knit products. There are 22 natural colors of alpacas from whites to blacks with a range of browns, golds and silvers in between. Alpacas are the most color diversified of all fiber animals. Pick your color and enjoy a bag of raw, silky soft fleece . Makes a great gift for the crafter. Sold in half pound increments at $2.00 per ounce.

*If you are looking for a specific color not listed in the drop-down menu but shown on the color chart above, please contact us.  We have all 22 natural colors of fleece available at our farm.

buy alpaca fleece.jpg
Natural Colors

Alpaca Roving

Dye free and all natural, this alpaca roving is ready to spin.  Clean and combed, spinners can easily spin this lustrous fiber into any type of creation they can think of in their minds.  Enjoy the beauty and smoothness of the softest alpaca fleece between your fingers. Sold in increments of 8 ounces for $3.00 per ounce.

Alpaca Roving Spinning.png